This New Sleep Game Helps to Enhance the Quality and Quantity of Sleep

 - Dec 5, 2016
References: mingle-games & venturebeat
We all need more sleep, but sometimes you just can't get that important shut-eye. For years, experts have said to turn off your phone or tablet before you go to bed, but that is changing thanks to games that can actually help you get to sleep, such as the newly released Calming Lia for iOS.

Created to help reduce the negative effects of playing games before bedtime, and to enhance the quality and quantity of sleep, Calming Lia features beautiful hand-drawn art, charming, vivid character animations, fun-filled puzzles and soothing music – all of which help players relax, feel distracted and experience a better quality (and quantity) of sleep.  The game is intended specifically for nighttime gameplay and encourages the use of the iOS Night Shift mode.