From Anti-Aging Indoor Tents to Relaxation-Guiding Headphones

 - May 31, 2016
These May 2016 wellness trends range from relaxation-guiding headsets to bejeweled fitness trackers that marry aesthetics with function. In addition to gadgets that track fitness performance, nutrition or sleep habits, other standouts include experiential spa innovations like floating sauna pop-ups and arcade style gyms that make traditional workouts more interactive and fun for those lacking day-to-day motivation.

When examining the month's mental health innovations, meditation-focused office interiors and de-stressing care packages round off this list. Additional May 2016 wellness trends range from genetic lifestyle guides to healthy meal replacements that superfood shakes and turmeric lemonades, inspired by age-old, natural remedies.

The month's other notables include niche feminine hygiene products like cannabis edibles that target period pain and sanitary napkin care packages that are designed to be discreet for those on the go.