The AdrenaCard Makes It More Convenient to Carry an EpiPen

 - Apr 2, 2016
References: adrenacard & bustle
Two students from the University of Minnesota recently invented a wallet-sized EpiPen called the 'AdrenaCard.' While EpiPens are vital life-saving devices, many people do not have one on them when they need it the most. This new device solves the issue of portability with a smaller and more portable design.

The AdrenaCard was created by Tyler Ebert and Christopher Kuehn as a way to ensure more people have an EpiPen on them when they need it. The new device works the same way as a conventional EpiPen in that the user injects epinephrine directly into their leg. However, the AdrenaCard is only four inches long and two inches wide, making it far more portable than comparable products. In fact, the device is so small that it can easily fit inside of a wallet.

With more than 16 million people at risk for anaphylaxis, the new wallet-sized device could save countless lives.