From Personal Nasal Filters to Bacteria-Banishing Air Conditioners

 - Dec 16, 2016
People often tend to focus on medication when it comes to remedies for allergies, but there are plenty of high-tech allergy relievers that have the potential to work just as effectively. Medication is certainly powerful for relieving the effects of allergies, but the side effects that those drugs bring about often defeat the purpose of taking them in the first place. Technology offers an alternative mode of intervention during allergy season.

Some high-tech allergy relievers are gadgets unto themselves. The Philips Mite Cleaner, for example, is a handheld vacuum designed specifically to capture and neutralize allergens and kill mites. Further, AlerSense is an IoT-connected sensor that quickly notifies users of the levels and types of allergens in the air.

Apps have also arisen to aid sufferers during allergy season. The Hay Fever Relief app tracks the presence of pollen throughout cities so allergic people can know where they should avoid.