The Viaskin Peanut Allergy Cure Sensitizes Patients to Peanuts

 - Jan 20, 2015
References: dbv-technologies & fastcoexist
A French company is working on a patch that acts as a peanut allergy cure. The Viaskin Peanut patch is one of several DBV Technologies is developing to address allergies, including one for milk and another for house dust mites.

The allergy cure works by constantly exposing wearers to peanut extract in small amounts. This form of immunotherapy sensitizes patients to what they would normally react to. The plastic ring is only the size of a quarter and is covered with a membrane containing peanut extract. After wearing it continuously for three years, sufferers will be able to eat any kind of peanut and won't have to restrict their diet any longer.

Given the danger associated with this kind of treatment, it is probably best for patients who are not young children.