From Pocket Dermatology Apps to Temperature-Tracking Tattoos

 - Sep 30, 2015
These medicinal skincare innovations range from pocket dermatology apps to temperature-tracking tattoos. Much like modern cosmetics, medical products have become more organic and naturally sourced in recent months.

In addition to rejuvenating skincare supplements, painless tattoo removals and sun protection apps are also on the rise. In the realm of sun care, smart sunscreen packaging allows consumers to connect to their smartphone device while seeing their level of protection in real time. Moreover, drinkable sun protection beverages make staying protected from UV rays less of a hassle for those on the go.

When looking at sophisticated serums and anti-aging products, a focus on natural ingredients is prevalent in today's market. In addition to female-focused products, a rise in masculine skincare is proving that the opposite sex is just as dedicated to taking care of their complexion.