'SunZapp' Gives Personalized Advice While Letting Users Enjoy the Sun

In addition to various skincare products on the market, a number skincare apps have surfaced to help users better control how much time they are spending in the sun. 'SunZapp' is a smartphone app that relays weather information and personal advice to its users.

To gather data, 'SunZapp' uses location-based information, like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s hour-by-hour UV Index forecast as well as personalized information entered by users. Personal information such as skin tone, hair color, medications taken and types of clothing worn can all be inputted.

After processing the information, the app informs users on how long they should spend in the sun and is accompanied by tips such as eyewear suggestions and sunscreen application reminders. 'SunZapp' is extremely comprehensive and incorporates scientific data and personal statistics, making for a very personalized experience that goes beyond basic skincare apps.