From Greek Yogurt Makeup Primers to Tomato-Charcoal Face Masks

 - Feb 1, 2016
As consumers grow more concerned around the origin of each ingredient contained in their products, plant-based skincare solutions are providing to be compromise that ensures high-quality and a less harmful toll on our bodies and the environment.

One winning example of a plant-based skincare product is the Greek Yogurt Nourishing Primer from Greek apothecary brand Korres. The innovative product relies on the soothing and breathable qualities of the gel, which opts for a Greek yogurt base given that it contains twice the amount of protein as regular yogurt.

Another common produce-based ingredient is that of tomatoes, given the plant's rich supply of anti-oxidants and its ability to calm inflamed skin.

Plant-based skincare solutions are an excellent source of essential nutrients for the skin that avoid harmful chemicals.