Whamisa from Glow Recipe Boasts a Formula That's Not Watered Down

 - May 16, 2015
References: glowrecipe & refinery29
It’s common to see water listed as one of the first ingredients on the back of a beauty product, a measure that’s used to cut costs frequently in the cosmetic industry—but Whamisa is one line from Glow Recipe that isn’t watered down.

Although the addition of water to a beauty or skincare product might seem naturally hydrating, Glow Recipe’s CEO and co-founder Sarah Lee describes: "Water can actually be extremely drying for the skin. When left on the skin on its own, it evaporates and leaves the skin extremely dry. It can remove the hydrators in your skin."

In order to offer more value to its customers by not watering down its products, Glow Recipe trades this liquid ingredient for other botanical extracts. There is water in Whamisa products that comes from the botanicals, which helps to make sure the product can deliver the other active ingredients throughout the skin.