From Virtual Drug Stores to Automated Footwear Displays

 - Jan 31, 2016
The top 2015 retail trends reveal that new technology is dramatically changing the in-store shopping experience. With more consumers turning to online shopping, brands have looked for new ways to keep customers coming back to their physical locations.

One of the primary reasons that consumers turn to online shopping is convenience. In order to provide the same level of convenience in stores, brand have turned to new technology. For some stores, this means outfitting their dressing rooms with interactive mirrors and intercoms systems that make it easier to ask for different garments. For others, this involves creating apps that make it easier to locate certain products.

In addition to making shopping more convenient, the top 2015 retail trends also reveals that stores are looking for new ways to convey their brand identity. This largely means creating an interactive experience for shoppers that goes beyond a conventional retail display. This can include everything from product workshops to social media-integrated games.

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