This Box Packaging Design for WonderPix Uses Fewer Fasteners

 - Jan 12, 2015
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Designed by Alessia Iozzia, WonderPix is an e-commerce box packaging system that brings a sensory, tactile experience to online shopping. Developed for a low-cost clothing brand, the boxes have holes that resemble buttons. As well as being a decorative element, these buttons serve a practical purpose—they help to hold the box closed, without the need to use additional tape or glue, even after the glue that holds down the front flap has been removed when it is initially opened.

Each of the three boxes was crafted from a single piece of corrugated cardboard, sized in such a way that would allow easy stacking both vertically and horizontally. If a consumer should have to make a return, this packaging system also means that less tape has to be used on the way back.