Ferme En Ville is a Local Food Market That Recalls a Marketplace Aesthetic

 - Apr 29, 2015
References: cap-d.fr & retaildesignblog.net
Ferme En Ville is a contemporary incarnation of the traditional farmer's market. The charming, colorful "farmer's shop" is designed to resemble something in between marketplace and supermarket, finding a middle ground with minimalist wooden produce stands and a slats covering the walls to give it a shuttered aesthetic.

Designed by Denis Capitan Architects, the ultramodern Ferme En Ville could very well be the grocery shopping experience of the future. The fixtures throughout the store recall images of market stalls and deli counters.

The unique defining factor of Ferme En Ville is its products, which are all locally grown and handcrafted, making the sales cycle a short circuit. Some of the fresh produce available at Ferme En Ville includes fruit, vegetables, meat, preserves and cheese.