- Jan 31, 2016
Similar to other industries, sustainability seems to be a top concern when it comes to the top 2015 design trends. In recent years, many companies have placed a renewed emphasis on creating products that are good for consumers and the planet. Whether it is using recycled materials or improving the assembly process, eco-friendly design has become increasingly popular.

One of the most ingenious ways that companies are improving the face of modern design is through the use of flat pack assembly. While flat pack furniture has been available for some time, the same technology is now being used for everything from desk lamps to entire homes. The shift towards self-assembly style products ultimately helps to reduce the environmental damage that comes from the process of manufacturing and shipping fully-finished items.

In addition to changing the way that products are produced, many designers are also concentrating on the materials they use. Indeed, the top 2015 design trends reveal a shift toward more sustainable materials such as bamboo, reclaimed wood and recycled aluminum.

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