SNAP Lets You Design Your Own Furniture Without a Single Tool

 - May 12, 2015
References: facebook & kickstarter
Be-elastic's new product 'SNAP' provides you with endless opportunities to design your own furniture using any surface in your home. SNAP is essentially an assembly system similar to table legs that allows you to take any kind of surface with a flat edge and turn it into a piece of furniture.

SNAP is used by clamping the specially designed legs onto the surface you are using and tightening the cable below to secure it. The design of SNAP is so simple that not a single tool is needed to turn any material into a piece of custom furniture.

SNAP comes in a 14 inch size that is perfect for coffee tables, as well as a 17 inch size that is better suited to auxiliary tables. The designers from Be-elastic note that the SNAP pieces can even be combined to make stackable shelves.

With a construction that is completely customizable, SNAP allows you to design your own furniture in a way that is both versatile and unique. The product is currently running a Kickstarter campaign, in hopes of soon bringing the product to market.