- Jun 28, 2015
The top June 2015 art and design trends are a melting pot of great ideas. On the "art" side of spectrum, there was a shift towards the surreal. Artists liberally stretched, distorted and anthropomorphis-ed their images, making sure they were immediately eye-catching and memorable.

In terms of "design," homes and physical spaces continued becoming more sustainable, especially in terms of energy efficiency. Micro-homes and hybrid living spaces are also on the rise, as consumers become willing to downsize for the sake of reducing their ecological footprint. There is a sense of humbleness when it comes to design, whether it's the actual spaces or the furniture that decorates them. Appliances, on the other hand, are becoming smarter and smarter, supporting the move towards more connected homes.

Overall, the top June 2015 art and design trends offer a lot of insight on how trends continue to manifest in this sphere -- but they're also incredibly entertaining to browse!

From Violent Beauty Photography to Geometric Suspended Seats: