In Bloom by Bella Kotak is a Magical Series Straight Out of Fairytales

 - May 20, 2015
References: bellakotak & mymodernmet
Bella Kotak appears to live in her own fairytale by the looks of her latest photo series, In Bloom. Full of magical scenes, she captures regal women as they channel their inner forest princess. People might even interpret them as manifestations of the flowers they are surrounded by. After all, they match their scenes perfectly. Bella Kotak even shares some of her techniques with My Modern Met on achieving such enchanting images.

Based in Oxford, England, Bella Kotak considers herself not only a fashion and conceptual photographer, but also an architect, traveler, and nature enthusiast. She shares, "The main inspiration for In Bloom comes from nature, flowers, the beauty and colors of ever-changing seasons, my beautiful muses (often friends), pre-Raphaelite paintings which I love so much, Greek nymphs and their stories, royalty in fairytales and ideas of a character’s journey in a darker nature driven world."