A Tattoo Style that Embraces Pixels & Glitches

 - May 7, 2015
References: mymodernmet & boredpanda
The terms 'pixels' and 'glitches' are exactly how Moscow-based artist Lesha Lauz's describes his tattoo style. This artist known as Alexey is embracing the technologically inspired style with words pixels and glitches and incorporating their exact definitions into his passion for designing tattoos.

His style is a collaboration of traditionally desired ink and today's modern fascination with technology. It all begins with an extremely colorful animal and then pixels are added to suggest that the rest of the image is still loading. The tattoos show a more upbeat and fun side to the ever-so infuriating glitches and setbacks we all face daily in the technological world.

The pixel art tattoo style brings a pleasing visual effect to the already bright tattoos. Alexey has managed to infuse a positive vibe into his art, which can be interpreted beyond the images to say that everything in life comes with a few glitches.