From Free Scar-Covering Tattoos to Occupation-Inspired Tattoos

 - Aug 4, 2016
Tattoos are a unique art form because of the medium used, and creative tattoo ideas can transform a sketch into a stunning work of art. Tattoos can vary from intricate and colorful designs to simple and monochromatic outlines.

A South Korean-based artist was inspired by people's trade professions when designing tattoos. Oozy took the tools they utilized in their work and turned them into stunning designs. Australian artist Whitney Develle offers discounted tattoos to patrons looking to cover self-harm scars, as part of her Scars Project.

For consumers unsure what kind of design they would like or where to get the tattoo placed, Ink Hunter lets users test out tattoos with augmented reality. The app lets users pick a tattoo design, scan the area they want to see it on and then use augmented reality to test how it would look in real life.