These Simple Tattoos Were Created with Bold Lines and Block Colors

 - Jul 17, 2016
References: instagram & designtaxi
Despite these tattoos' simple and somewhat elementary designs, they offer a unique signature style that can not be replicated.

When deciding upon what kind of tattoo to get, some people opt for a more realistic design while others opt for something more artistic or abstract. The simple tattoos created by Milan-based Mattia Mambo fall into the "artistic" category. The artist uses thick black lines to make basic shapes -- such as tulips, food items or animals -- and then colors those in using sporadically placed blocks of color. The resulting tattoo may be fundamental in the most literal sense, but offers an artistic new twist in a world where tattoos are certainly not sparse.

These multicolored, block-like tattoos guarantee that those who receive them will not have to worry about people having the same design.