- Sep 5, 2017
These beer branding innovations range from car culture beer collections to embossed craft beer cans. When it comes to eye-catching beer labels, standouts include Folks Craft Brewery's illustrated bottle designs which celebrate the act of sharing beer across cultures. Director Brewery Co's Star Wars and Indiana Jones-inspired beer labels are another standout with fun names like 'Indiana Hop' and 'Star Weiss' as twists on classic movie titles.

When looking at remixed brand identities that are getting a fresh overhaul, the Carlsberg Export re-branding comes to mind. The brewer's recent branding overhaul includes sleeker and thinner font, along with more contemporary packaging that draws inspiration from Danish design principles.

Other examples to note include Apollo Freedom Brewery's limited edition beer collection which celebrates various lunar phases in a fun way.

From Car Culture Beer Collections to Embossed Craft Beer Cans: