This Beers Come in Vibrant Patterns That Reflect Their Purpose

 - Aug 23, 2016
References: austinbeerworks & ohbeautifulbeer
Austin Beerworks is releasing three limited-edition seasonal beers that are sure to be popular among craft beer aficionados.

The beers come in three different flavors and three different cans that each reflect those flavors in their own way. The first in this collection of seasonal beers is the 'Bloodwork Orange' -- a play on the title of popular film 'A Clockworks Orange' and a beer that has blood orange flavors. The packaging of this beer is covered in vibrant patterns that feature various shades of orange. The other two cans in the collection include a green train-themed pattern and one that is red, featuring images that are associated with vikings.

This playful beer branding along with the unique flavors it accompanies ensures that these drinks are well-catered to craft beer lovers.