- Sep 5, 2017
These beer label innovations range from AR-powered labels to song-sharing bottle concepts. In addition to eye-catching and artfully conceived bottles -- like brands' Asahi, Ebisu and Suntory's collaboration with the Tokyo National Museum -- other standouts include tech-enabled packaging concepts.

A special edition 'CapCam' bottle by Beck's was recently launched as an exciting giveaway to the brand's Facebook fans. The brand's unique packaging concept replaced a traditional cap with one that could capture photos, making the stunt an instant hit among social media users.

Other beer label innovations to note include commemorative branding examples like Stella Artois' limited edition paper bottles. The brand's recent release included illustrated labels that were meant to appeal to drinkers with different lifestyles -- from music lovers to avid athletes -- and was exclusively promoted in Israel.

From AR Beer Labels to Song-Sharing Bottle Concepts: