The Albatros Brand Identity References Russian Nostalgia

 - Jul 19, 2016
New York-based graphic designer Igor Hrupin is the creative force behind the Albatros gastro pub brand identity. Referencing Soviet nostalgia, this branding project is rustic in its overall look and feel and consists of retro restaurant signage, menu concepts and other promotional materials -- from takeout food bags to in-house beer bottle labels.

In addition, the branding project also imagines the design of a delivery car and even aprons worn by staff inside the restaurant. Though referencing nostalgic typography and visual elements, this restaurant concept will appeal to a demographic of young and urban professionals with an eye for design.

Featuring gridded, minimalist backdrops, these Albatros gastro pub branding materials are an homage to Russia's past but are remixed to appeal to a modern audience.