From Political Pale Ales to Rebranded Credit Cards

 - Aug 28, 2016
Of-the-moment themes like politics, the Olympics, emojis and food trucks are prevalent in the top August 2016 branding ideas.

On a global scale, the Summer 2016 Olympic Games in Rio has inspired the creation of everything from footwear to limited-edition sunglasses. At the same time, there's also anticipation about the upcoming United States presidential election, which brands are tapping into with patriotic Snapchat filters, beverages and clothing collections.

While Brisk Iced Tea is known as a beverage producer and Krispy Kreme is first and foremost known for its flavorful assortment of donuts, brands like these are venturing into unexpected territory. To launch a new flavor, Brisk Iced Tea created a colorful pair of sneakers and Krispy Kreme teamed up with Cheerwine to make a donut-flavored cherry soda.