vitaPearl Multivitamins are Securely Stored in Locking Packages

 - Jul 7, 2016
References: vitamedmdrx & packagingdigest
Child-resistant packaging is a well-known innovation that has come to be associated with pharmacy pill containers and their tough-to-open plastic caps—but vitaPearl prenatal vitamins come in a new form.

Rather than being packaged by the bottle, these 30-day multivitamins come in a foil blister pack that slides into a locking package. To release the blister pack, it's as easy as squeezing and holding the sides of the main sleeve. Since these products contain iron, they are required to be packaged in a design that has a child resistance rating of F=1. This innovative design meets these requirements for child safety, while also being easier for expectant mothers to use as compared to paper-backed blister packs.

TherapeuticsMD is the parent company of vitaMedMD and also uses this packaging design for its BocaGreenMD brand's Prena1 Pearl prenatal multivitamin.