- May 2, 2017
There are plenty of wellness supplements that can be purchased in the form of powders and pills, but many of today's busy adult consumers are now looking for snack-like products that are easier, and more enjoyable, to take.

While candied and gummy vitamins for kids have been on the market for years, a new wave of confection-inspired vitamins and supplements are emerging for adults and kids alike. These supplements for health are taking the form of everything from chocolate bars and chewing gum to sticks that dissolve quickly in the mouth.

Standout brands include BerryBon and Roar Chocolate, which offer vitamin-enriched chocolates, as well as vitamingum and Multivitamin Gum, both of which make flavorful vitamin-rich chewing gums.

These Wellness Supplements Take the Form of Candies & Chocolate: