Supermood's Chocolate for Beauty is Enhanced with Glutathione

 - Jul 22, 2016
References: & trndmonitor
Supermood's 'Radiance Chocolate' may look like an ordinary chocolate bar, but this product was developed as more than just a treat that tastes good. The 50 gram bar is made with 70% dark raw chocolate and is enriched with glutathione, which is known as one of the most important molecules for protecting the body from premature aging—with age, the body naturally begins to produce less glutathione. Consuming one bar provides the equivalent of one daily dose of this anti-aging molecule.

Supermood's Youth Glo line also includes a number of cosmetic products from face peels to oils, but Radiance Chocolate stands out in the collection as a food product.

Health- and beauty-focused functional chocolate treats have become popular on the market as a means of promoting sleep, energy, good ocular health, anti-aging and more within the body.