These Innovative Snacks for Sleep Help to Induce Relaxation and Rest

 - Jan 12, 2018
Although eating before bedtime is often discouraged to allow the digestive system to rest along with the rest of the body, a number of functional snacks for sleep are being created for sleep. Many people who are bothered by insomnia and other sleep troubles feed the billion-dollar sleep industry with prescriptions for sleeping pills, but others are looking for all-natural sleep aids and aim to better support the body through food.

Some of the bite-sized snacks for sleep that have been recently released include everything from granola bars to chocolates, which are packed with functional herbs with properties to support relaxation and sleep. Products like Elements Truffles' Peppermint Truffles with Lavender Infusion and the Beauty Sleep chocolate bar from Supermood boast both beautifying and sleep-supporting benefits.