Supermood's 'Beauty Sleep' Bar is Branded as a "Bedside Chocolate"

 - Nov 9, 2017
Supermood's complete Beauty Sleep collection includes skincare products, a soothing pillow spray and supplement capsules that can be taken internally, offering a variety of solutions that approach health from the inside out and vice versa. In all, Supermood's Beauty Sleep solutions all follow a central theme: "sleep better, look better."

The Beauty Sleep collection from Supermood also includes a "bedside chocolate" bar, which is made with quality raw chocolate that is enhanced with vanilla, marshmallow root and lemon balm.

The soothing chocolate bar packed with herbal ingredients is designed to help one's mind unwind and support the skin cells overnight with a nourishing sea fennel stem cell extract. This ingredient is particularly rich in vitamins that protect and condition the skin, helping one to wake up with skin that feels fresh and looks renewed.