- Mar 14, 2019
Growing interest in sleep health has inspired consumers to invest in a range of sleep-supporting aids, including everything from evening meditation apps to weighted blankets and even functional night snacks.

While some people have been supplementing with L-theanine and melatonin for years and these sleep solutions are widely available in the form of chews, capsules and dissolvable tablets, a new wave of snacks and dietary supplements are being introduced with these potent ingredients. Examples of this include Nestle's Goodnight bedtime snacks and MyBite Sweet Zzzz dietary supplement, both of which take the form of decadent small bites that are encased in chocolate.

To help consumers satisfy late-night cravings for sweets in a healthy way, Nightfood offers a vibrant range of ice cream products with less sugar and sleep-inducing ingredients.

From Relaxing Hemp Chocolates to Sleep-Friendly Ice Creams: