From Pizza-Shaped Bath Bombs to Blanket-Embedded Armchairs

 - Dec 16, 2017
These presents for the homebody range from intimate loungewear sets to selfie-friendly sheet masks, offering something for those who would rather spend a night curled up with a good book, than braving the harsh winter weather.

SORTEDfood's 'Desserts in Duvets' poses as an interesting gifting option for the foodie, as it shares a series of simple recipes that are made to be eaten in bed. Other ideas, like dunking-friendly mugs, make tea time a little more interesting by offering an integrated space for one to hold their tasty treats like cookies.

Just because the homebody chooses to stay indoors, doesn't mean they don't desire the most stylish clothing alternatives possible, which is why 'Lazy Oaf' designed a dreamy loungewear line that's perfect for spending nights by the fire.