The 'Lililite' is the Perfect Light for Any Book Nook

 - Jun 20, 2017
References: lililite & yankodesign
The 'Lililite' is a sensible and functional lamp structure that makes bedtime reading a little easier. The wooden display hangs on the wall above your bed, acting like a basic book shelf that holds up to 5 books. The shelf features a small triangular bump, that was designed for readers to place their current book face down on, maintaining their page without having to use a bookmark, and making for an easy grab.

What really sets this shelf apart is that the small mountainous book-holding bump contains a weight-activated light sensor under it -- removing the book from the shelf prompts the light to turn on, while placing the book on the shelf turns the light off. The Lililite makes late night reading easier, while eliminating the need to move from your comfy space to switch the lights on and off after reading.