From Strawberry Cream Spirits to Car Fuel-Infused Cocktails

 - Jul 30, 2017
Alcohol has its benefits in every season, but the July 2017 alcohol trends show that summer is a special time for consuming that magical elixir. In the northern hemisphere, summer means balmy weather, sunny days, and time spent outdoors, and alcoholic beverages of all sorts prove to be the perfect pairings.

No matter one's preferred drink, the July 2017 alcohol trends have something in store. Cracking a cold one at a barbecue might as well be the Wikipedia picture under the entry "Summer", so beer lovers will be happy with their selection. For those with an eye on keeping their environment as beautiful as it is now, Something Wild Beverages has brewed a wattleseed lager that consists entirely of sustainable ingredients.

For those who opt for a glass of wine on a summer night instead, they can add some fun to their drinking with the newly released 'Read Between the Wines!' game.