The Biersafe Underground Beer Cooler is Buried Three Feet Below Ground

 - Jun 8, 2017
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The Biersafe Underground Beer Cooler keeps your beers cool and hidden by burying them three feet underground.

As the name suggests, this German-made beer cooler is inserted into the ground and acts as a bunker, keeping your beers at an ideal temperature until you're ready to drink them. Dirt acts as a natural insulation, keeping the beers cool without the use of electricity, making for a more sustainable solution. You will need to dig a hole in the ground to install the biersafe, however once you do, you'll have easy access to your secret stash. The cooler comes equipped with with a plastic tube exterior, a built-in bottle rack and even has an integrated bottle opener.

This product is ideal for beer drinking enthusiasts who are looking for new and inventive ways to keep their beers cool and their gardens summer-ready.