- Jul 30, 2017
Whether it is an app that helps you find the perfect shade of foundation or a digital tool that measures your exact foot size, the July 2017 mobile app trends reveal that apps are becoming increasingly useful in helping consumers find products that are personalized to suit their needs and preferences.

One of the industries that has taken full advantage of mobile apps is the cosmetics industry. Indeed, apps by companies such as bareMinerals have become useful in helping consumers find the products that suit their exact skin tone and preferences for a more personalized shopping experience.

The July 2017 mobile app trends also reveal that the apparel and footwear industries have taken similar steps to use apps to help consumers find the right products with ease. One such example is the True Gault app, which scans the user's foot to help them find the perfect pair of heels.

From Foundation Matchmaking Apps to Foot-Scanning Platforms: