'Dynamic Running Therapy' Has Programs for Anxiety, Mindfulness and More

 - Jun 24, 2017
References: itunes.apple & wellandgood
Dynamic Running Therapy is an app that acknowledges that getting up and moving is vital for mind-body healing. With this app, users are able to partake in a variety of programs for anxiety, depression and more, through a three-part process that involves mindfulness, movement and questions for self-reflection.

As this therapy program takes the form of an app, users will be able to record their thoughts and responses on the go, and listen back to them at a later point in time.

Although one might think that a certain level of fitness would be required to use the running therapy app, there are also walking mindfulness exercises available. As the app's creators note: " It doesn’t matter how fit you are, it works if you walk with it too. It’s about getting out, getting moving, breaking old habits and starting new ones."