From Total Health Fitness Wearables to Air Conditioner Coolers

 - Jul 30, 2017
Whether it is a brand-new fitness accessory or a lightweight cooler, the July 2017 tech trends reveal the high demand for innovative summer products.

Some of the most popular products highlighted by the July 2017 tech trends are those related to health and fitness. With more opportunities for consumers to get outside and get active, it is no surprise that many are turning to gadgets to help them track their fitness goals. Some of these ground-breaking fitness accessories include the golf-specific Garmin Approach S60 smartwatch, the surf-centric Trace Action Sports Tracker and the total health-tracking Biostrap wearable.

For those who are more interested in enjoying a few drinks this summer than hitting the gym, there are plenty of party-ready accessories to choose from. For example, the Peacher Sonic Beer Foamer helps to enhance the taste of inexpensive canned beers. Similarly, the Green House Foamy Head Beer Server can be used to customize the amount of head left behind after a beer has been poured.