The Camera Lift-Strap Takes the Pressure Off of Your Neck

 - May 31, 2017
References: ponteleather & thegadgetflow
Carrying a camera around your neck when traveling can be exceedingly uncomfortable, so the Camera Lift-Strap is intended to provide a way to relieve the pressure. The strap works by being affixed onto your camera just like any other camera strap and being carried around your neck. The main difference in the strap is that the portion that would otherwise rest on the back of your neck is affixed onto a backpack handle in order to counterbalance the weight of your DSLR.

The Camera Lift-Strap is stylish in aesthetic and provides an optimal way to ensure that you don't have to have a sore neck at the end of a day trip. The strap is designed to work with any camera make or brand for increased functionality.