- Jan 29, 2017
Shutterbugs have a lot of options these days, as these 2016 photography trends illustrate.

Whether consumers are looking for something that can be worn throughout the day so they're never in danger of missing the perfect picture, or high-tech gear that gets them a defined bird's-eye view, there's plenty of products to choose from. For those interested in what's coming next, allow our 2017 Trend Reports to introduce you.

The 'Relonch' is just one of the products that's included in these 2016 photography trends. A camera that automatically uploads images to iCloud, the Relonch prevents shots from getting lost and saves time on transferring.

Well-suited to skiers and others taking part in intensive sports, GoPro's 'Remo' is voice-controlled so that athletes don't have to fiddle with equipment while they hit the slopes. Also featured are 360-degree recording glasses, fire-detecting security cameras and even ride-recording motorcycle helmets.

From Image-Stabilizing Smartphones to Wearable VR Cameras: