This Coca-Cola Bottle Captures the Special Moment of Sipping Coke

 - Nov 11, 2016
References: & adeevee
Advertising agency Gefen Team of Tel-Aviv, Israel recently created a Coca-Cola bottle that makes it possible for people to capture themselves in the act of drinking.

The 'Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle' is a custom-designed camera that perfectly fits over a half-liter Coke bottle and includes proprietary technology to pick up on when there is a 70-degree tilt, or when someone is likely taking a swig of soda.

The Selfie Bottle was created for the Coca-Cola Summer Love, which is the biggest brand outdoor event in Israel. All of the pictures taken with the Selfie Bottle get shared to Coca-Cola's Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, making it possible for people to capture a myriad of special moments without having to stop, snap a photo and share on social media.