From Bottled Butter Coffee to Citrus Cold Brews

 - Oct 5, 2017
For the average caffeine aficionado, the only thing that beats the smell of a fresh pot of coffee, is the convenience provided by grab-and-go bottled coffee beverages. Because a fresh cup of java doesn't always fit into an individuals hectic schedule, companies are introducing pre-made coffee beverages, which add a much needed element of convenience and portability into one's morning routine.

Industry titans like Starbucks have introduced convenient bottled iterations of its popular drinks, like its seasonal 'Pumpkin Spice Latte,' which was temporarily available in festive fall-themed packaging. Other companies get creative with bottled coffee confections, by offering the staple beverage in unique forms, like 'CLR CFF,' which offers the same caffeine boost in a clear, water-like form. Additionally, bottled beverages can be used as a means of brand experimentation, like 'Timbertrain' Coffee, which offers its drinks in sophisticated bottles that are reminiscent of high-end craft beers.

Bottled coffee beverages offer the consumer a level of convenience that traditional coffee-drinking experiences lack, while providing the company with a low risk opportunity for a unique branding experiment.