La Colombe Packages Its RTD Draft Lattes in Sharable Sets of Four

 - Oct 12, 2016
References: lacolombe & sprudge
La Colombe made headlines when it first came out with its unique Draft Latte, a milk-based coffee beverage that's served in single cans. While the beverage and its container are interesting in and of themselves, La Colombe takes innovation a step further with its packaging system.

The Draft Lattes are grouped into sets of four and packaged in a four-pack style that reminds of the way that beer is often sold.

In terms of the packaging design, La Colombe remarks that "The clean, minimal design represents the minimal, natural, healthy ingredients, no added sugar used in the drink, and the white space represents milk." The potency of the caffeine and the calorie count are also clearly listed on the outer packaging, as these are of importance to consumers who are looking for a healthy on-the-go coffee option.