REBBL's Healthy Cold Brews are Enriched with Nourishing Medicinal Herbs

 - May 6, 2017
Some of the newest additions to REBBL's assortment of beneficial beverages include two healthy cold brew drinks that include adaptogenic ingredients like the medicinal reishi mushroom and the superfood root maca.

The Reishi Cold-Brew and the Maca Cold-Brew are two beverages that boast potent super herbs that are said to boost one's energy, vitality and immunity. In addition to these potent ingredients, the beverages also make use of coconut milk as a non-dairy source of healthy fats.

At the same time cold brew beverages are capturing the interests of coffee drinkers around the world, adaptogenic ingredients are also becoming popular additions to prepackaged food and beverages. Adaptogens can also be found in some other beverages from REBBL, such as its Ashwagandha Chai, Maca Mocha and Reishi Chocolate.