From 3D Printed Car Accessories to Futuristic Tea Bars

 - Mar 8, 2018
New technology presents businesses with new and exciting ways to engage with consumers and this list of experimental 3D printing initiatives touch on just a few of the ways companies are leveraging 3D printing to re-define the consumer experience.

Recently, Starbucks opened a futuristic location that capitalizes on the newest technologies, to re-imagine the age-old practice of coffee making. In the store, consumers can embark on a self-guided AR tour, or, enjoy a tea from the World's first 3D printed tea bar.

Other brands are using the convenience that the technology presents to help make customization and personalization more accessible to the masses. An example of this is BMW's 'MINI Yours Customized' initiative, which invites car owners to 3D print their own custom designed car accessories.