The Virginia Historical Society Creates Tactile Tours and Printed Objects

 - Oct 24, 2017
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The majority of museum tours have people look and not touch, but the Virginia Historical Society (VHS) is now offering a completely different experience for visitors with visual impairments.

VHS' tactile museum tours involve 3D-printed artefacts so that people who are blind or live with vision loss may experience the museum's collection of objects through their sense of touch. The "touch tour" makes it possible for VHS visitors to hold replicas of General George S. Patton’s corncob pipe, or a life mask of General E. Lee, as well as mining lamps, canteens and more.

Usually, objects exhibited in a museum are kept behind glass or are protected by security sensors that discourage touch, but additive manufacturing is inviting museum-goers of all abilities to explore history, art and design in more ways than one.