- Jun 7, 2018
These conscious QSR innovations range from sustainability-focused takeout packaging and marketing campaigns to diet-conscious reinterpretations of cult menu items. Standouts include everything from White Castle's meatless burger menu to Sonic's blended patties which fuse together beef and mushrooms for a reduced carbon footprint. This clever move by the fast food chain shows its dedication to sustainable practices and high quality ingredients and re-brands its best-selling products without making them completely meat-free.

Other examples of conscious QSR include Burger King's 'Whopper Neutrality' ad which takes a political stance centering around the issue of net neutrality. An unexpected move by a mainstream fast food brand, the marketing decision shows the company's authentic and transparent approach to its consumer relationships.

More examples to note include Uproot -- a farm-to-table food truck that specializes in locally sourced and convenient eats -- and Pressed Juicery and Mendocino Farms' upcycled pulp burgers which turn food waste into a tasty, meatless meal.

From Sugarcane-Based Takeout Containers to Meatless Cult Burger Menus: