SimpleFood's Packaging Calls Out the Contents of Each Product

 - Dec 13, 2017
References: & packagingoftheworld
Packaging from SimpleFood emphasizes the contents of food products using numbers and percentages, making it easy for consumers to identify exactly what is in what they are about to eat. As creative agency Wunderbar describes: "If a sandwich is good you don't need to know anything else besides what it is made of."

SimpleFood is a brand that prides itself on offering basic food products that are minimally processed and free from chemicals. Sandwiches from SimpleFood are packaged in boxes branded with color-coded stripes to represent the exact contents of a grab-and-go meal, such as 45% bread, 25% tuna, 15% salad and 15% tomatoes. Those who are looking for more greens in their sandwich may simply opt for an alternative from SimpleFood that provides 20% salad and less meat.