From Crystal-Encrusted Hair Dryers to Designer Corner Shops

 - Jan 13, 2018
From crystal-encrusted hair dryers to designer corner shops, these top 100 luxury ideas in 2018 offer the high-end consumer a healthy dose lavish and innovative products and services.

Consumers who strive for only the best, even from the confines of their own bathroom, may be drawn to the Oui Shave Kit, as it comes equipped with a 24-karat razor, offering the individual an upgraded shaving experience. The lavish offerings also extend to the food world as this year's 'World Alba White Truffle Auction' sold a $87,400 truffle, while London's Hotel Café Royal, hosted a decadent fragrance-themed tea party.

Those who appreciate the finer things in life were met with a wide assortment of new travel and lifestyle opportunities, as airports like the Newark International Airport opened an invite-only eatery, that caters to its higher-end clientele. Also featured in this list is Aston Martin's plan to develop a limited-edition submarine, and Scottland's EcoYoga Center -- a newly fairy tale-like spa, which features luxurious baths next to a waterfall.