This Boba Tea is Described as the Most Expensive Bubble Tea in the World

While many just want to enjoy basic boba tea that is affordable, the more design-conscious and luxury-seeking will flock to what is being dubbed the World's Most Expensive Bubble Tea. The Boba Teashake will make its formal debut at San Francisco Design Week and is described as bubble tea re-imagined.

From tea blender TEALEAVES in collaboration with The St Regis San Francisco hotel, this version of the Taiwanese beverage uses whole tea leaves and the highest quality ingredients. Created by executive chef Franck Desplechin, the bubble tea recipe is available online and includes aspects including a mountain berry tapioca pearl, lychee passionfruit tea base, salted caramel foam and passionfruit coulis.

With bespoke blending, precision infusing, tart tapioca and unparalleled plating, the tea truly stands on its own.