For a Limited Time, Nékter Juice Bar Will Be Offering New Year Drinks

Knowing that many people will be adopting health-focused resolutions for the arrival of a new year, Nékter Juice Bar will be offering two new, limited-time beverages to help consumers celebrate a fresh start in 2018.

From New Year’s Day through to February 4th in the new year, Nékter Juice Bar will be serving some fresh and inspiring new immunity- and metabolism-boosting menu items, including the Grapefruit Reboot Juice and the Skinny Skoop. Each of these low-calorie beverages is packed with healthy ingredients—while the Grapefruit Reboot Juice is loaded with apple, orange and fennel, Skinny Skoop is said to be a tart and refreshing frozen treat.

To further help consumers start their new year off on the right foot, the juice bar will also be holding a 3-Day Cleanse Sale, featuring six detoxifying beverage formulas that are rich sources of fruits and vegetables.